Sunday, November 17, 2013

Olena Zylak Knits Up a Storm

I have always been in love with hand knit and crocheted items so its no wonder I fell in love with Olena Zylak's collection through my many visits to the One Of A Kind show. Last year I finally bought my first accessory, a twisted loop scarf, and wear it all the time. Needless to say I am ready to add to my collection and there are no shortage of pieces to choose from.

My own loop scarf purchased last year. I wear it everywhere.
Zylak has been designing collections since 1997 and uses yarns of luxury fibres to create a highly textured line. She designs the collection herself with all the knitting completed at her studio in Collingwood, Ontario. Original pieces of knitted fabric are handcrafted with a sewing machine and hand sewn when required. Finishing touches are completed by Zylak herself or a contractor. Each item is made with the utmost care and I would say this is obvious when looking at and trying on her pieces.

Some of my favourite pieces from the Fall/Winter collection are:

Spider Web Loop $35
25% kid mohair/45% acrylic/30% nylon
Spider Web Shawl $80
25% kid mohair/45% acrylic/30% nylon
also shown double stripe pleated toque $70

Lace Velour Wedge Capelet $115
60% merino wool/10% kid mohair/15% acrylic/15% nylon

The entire collection can be viewed on her website and items can be purchased online. Check the shows tab to see her schedule for appearances at different shows, including One Of A Kind, throughout the season. Items can also be purchases at certain boutique retailers across the country.
You can find Olena Zylak at the One of a Kind show in Toronto November 28th - December 8th at booth C12. I know I will be stopping by!
Photo credit, Geoff George - Toronto: spider web loop, spider web shawl, lace velour wedge capelet

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