Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bringing Foxy to a New Level

I have been a fan of Foxy Originals for some time. I wasn't sure about doing it as a blog post, because it seems that their merchandise is readily available and out in the public eye. However, I have decided to write about them because every time I'm wearing one of their pieces and I tell someone it is a Foxy Original, they look at me with a blank stare and I feel like I have been talking gibberish. To be honest, I am quite shocked that not more people know of this wonderful Canadian design team and company. I think it is a great success story.
You can visit their website for the story on how the company came to be and to take a look at their collections. Right now the best thing going for them is their Barbie Collection, since they are celebrating that anniversary and all this year. All their jewelry is made from lead free pewter and dipped in gold, silver or bronze. For certain pieces other materials are added for variety and a different look. Some of my favourite pieces are: Palm Earrings (see image), Soul Necklace, Rose Ring, Juniper Necklace (see image) and the Utopia Necklace. I could keep going but I'm going to stop there. Foxy Originals recently made their site a shopping site so you can point and click right there to get all the pieces you want. My biggest complaint used to be not being able to find the pieces I liked in stores but now I don't have to worry. This also means as soon as their new pieces come out, we will be able to have them within a few days, or weeks.
Help spread the word. I'm wondering if renting a plane and sky writing "Foxy Originals" in the air would do the trick?

Working Girl Again!

Hello Readers,
I am happy to report that I started working again earlier this month. A great company in Mississauga hired me as a buyer for several of their categories. Among them are fashion accessories and luggage and handbags! You know I'll be paying a lot of attention to those ones. I am very fortunate to have found a job during this difficult economic time and much more fortunate to have found a good job, one that is in my line of work. This represents a great opportunity at a time one would think there aren't many great opportunities out there. Now it is my job to help others find their great job. I am always happy to recommend co-workers and friends to a current employer or to inquires I get from others.
For those of you who are still out of work and looking, I feel your pain. Keep your fingers crossed, stay positive and tell everyone, and I mean everyone, you know that you are looking for a job. You never know who you or they might come across and ask that vital question, "do you know anyone who is looking for a job in ______" (fill in the blank) that could be your future great job.
One I am financially secure, I look forward to upholding my end of the Retail Challenge. It may take awhile to come up with $1000 to spend, but I will do my best. I owe it to the retailers out there.