Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on The Retail Challenge

It only seems fitting that the end of 2009 should include an update on The Retail Challenge, one of my more popular posts to date.  If you remember back to earlier this year, I was in a state of unemployment and just sick to my stomach with all the news stories about the latest companies laying off workers.  No one was spending any money, even those that were still employed.  Thus, my simple idea to get people spending to stir up our economy a bit so the unemployed would have a chance at employment.
I'm not going to explain the whole challenge again,  you can read the earlier post by clicking here.  My own personal challenge was to spend $1000 in the retail world once I started working again.  That happened back in April and I have been working to fulfill that promise while also trying to pay for a very expensive trip to the Olympics in Vancouver next year.  Because of that trip, it took me a very long time to complete my own personal Retail Challenge.  And if you want to know the truth, there are many things I should not have bought, but it's done now and someone has benefitted from it so I guess I can live with it.
I was going to list everything that I bought, yes I've actually been keeping track, but I think that would be too long.  So I will list certain items and you'll just have to trust me on the rest.  I Blogger swear to you that I spent at least $1000 if not more. You'll have to trust me on the amounts too!  For my own safety I have decided that I should not disclose prices.

Strapless Printed Dress - White House/Black Market
Purple Samsura Bag - Trixie (Bloor West Village, Toronto)
Second Yoga Jeans - Trixie
Polka Dot Dress - Trixie
Sterling Silver Ring - Vivah
Cosmetics - Mary Kay
Sutter Crossbody Bag - Fossil
TV Bench & Coffee Table- Ikea
Headband - This is J
Long Gold Necklace - Moonrox booth at OOAK
Various Clothing Items - GAP, they had great sales what can I say?
Olympic Gear - HBC, Rona
Area Rug - West Elm
Colin - Monster Factory booth at OOAK
Shortbread cookies - The Shortbread Factory
Suitcase - Samsonite
Canada tee and Hoody - Roots Canada
Seven for all Mankind Jeans - Holt Renfrew
Coffee - Gold Star Coffee
Waterproof Boots - Browns

There you go.  That is the majority of the list.  I'll try to include photos of whatever I can. 
Where I failed was in my ability to buy from independent retailers.  That was a condition for myself in the challenge.  The only thing I can say in my defence is that I was trying to cut down on shopping and did not find myself in as many areas to buy from independents.  For 2010, I will create another challenge for myself, perhaps the exact same one and I will spend all that money with independent retailers.  They are an important and vital part of our economy and deserve our support.  I will keep my eyes open for new places to shop in 2010.  I promise once my Vancouver Olympics trip is paid off, I will take up this challenge with gusto!
Happy New Year everyone.  May 2010 hold many wonderful things for all of you.
Thank you so much for reading.