Monday, August 3, 2009

Hats Off to Big It Up

I have been a huge fan of Big It Up for quite awhile now. I don't remember how I got into hats or why I did but for as long as I have been buying hats, almost all of them have come from Big It Up. A Canadian company based in Toronto, ON, Big It Up is a great success story. Started by a bunch of friends who wanted to raise the level of quality in goods produced, they launched the company in 1996. From there the company has continued to grow through more store and kiosk locations and now a website where you can order product.

Wander into any of their stores or kiosks and try on hats. You may be surprised at how good they look on you. Their salespeople are always super friendly and can help direct you to a style that will suit you.

I love the styles and colours and fabrics that they choose for their items. All of their hats are classic pieces from Fedoras to Poor Boys. Check out the cool floppy hats for summer.

I have hats I bought a few years ago that I still wear and they make any outfit look a bit funkier. Wearing a hat to work always garners a few comments so be ready for it.

When I was at Yorkdale the other weekend, I came across the kiosk/store there and was reminded of my fascination and love of hats. I don't usually wear them in the summer because its so hot, but come Fall and Winter, I will be dusting off my hats and working them into my wardrobe.

Last year at The Clothing Show my mom even bought a hat from Big It Up. Hat styles know no ages and I don't care what anyone says, you can find a hat style that looks good on you.

Support Canadian companies and support the style of hats. Who better to Bit It Up than you? I'm looking at their website now planning my next purchase. They are a perfect fit to include in my Retail Challenge.
Hats off to you.