Saturday, October 17, 2009

Everyone Loves Miz Mooz

I love checking out my blog stats on Google Analytics. It's so interesting to me to see what people are reading on my blog and where they are coming from to do so. I really do appreciate the time anyone takes to read one post or all of them. Thank you so much for reading my thoughts and for those of you who leave comments, keep them coming!
By far, the most popular post has been Luv Your Shooz Miz Mooz. Seems that I am not the only woman madly in love with this brand. That post has been my most popular one and it is the one that I receive the most comments for. Thank you everyone for letting us know where we can find Miz Mooz in Canada.
I recently received a flyer from Town Shoes and guess what I saw in there? That's right, Miz Mooz is finally available at Town Shoes. I don't think it is a huge assortment but its a start. If you can't make it out to your favourite independent shoe retailer, we now have an option at the mall. As to how many stores carry the brand I'm not sure. I will stop in at Sherway sometime soon and see if the brand is there. You can also search by the Miz Mooz brand name on the Town Shoes website. Right now I only see one style available, but I'm sure they will have more. How can they not? I say we encourage them to buy more styles of Miz Mooz. It is obviously loved by Canadians judging from the amount of views I'm getting. Send your request to and hopefully we'll see tons of Miz Mooz styles soon.
Happy Shopping!


RITA said...

I LOVE these shoes I own 3 pairs and they are the most comfortable shoes i own! I was just at town shoes at square one and they only had 2 styles fingers crossed they recieve more!!!
Heading to cincinati in a few weeks going to see if there are more styles there I will keep you posted!

Not A Shopaholic said...

Thanks Rita. Let us know what you find in Cincinati.
I was at Town Shoes at Sherway Gardens and I saw 3 different styles of Miz Mooz there. I only wish I could afford to buy them. This Olympic trip is killing me!

Anonymous said...

Town Shoes will continue to carry Miz Mooz and the assortment will only be getting larger! You can also find the brand at Feet First stores across Canada...keep sending emails to your favorite stores if you want to see the shoes in there....
PS- Sprimng stlyes have shipped....look out for fun patent sandals!!!