Saturday, October 16, 2010

The White Space Event

Last week I attended the launch of the White Space at The Hudson Bay Yorkdale location. The event was hosted in conjunction with Fashion Magazine. Sarah Casselman, Fashion Market Editor presented on trends for Fall 2010. The event also showcased some premier clothing lines available at The Bay. Headlining was the Adam, featuring designs by Adam Lippes as well as See by Cloe, BCBG, Sandro, Rachel Roy and the more affordable Moon brand created for The Bay.

I was super excited by the invite and knew I just had to share it with someone. My good friend Maria who is an “I’m up for anything” kind of person was more than happy to join me in fashion paradise. Arriving just before 7pm, Maria made a beeline for the champagne and I for the candy bar. After getting that over with, we walked around for a bit checking out the clothes and drooling over some amazing pieces, including a print dress from Adam and sweaters from BCBG.

Maria got such a kick out of drinking champagne in a Bay store.

I got a kick out of the candy bar. It was so cool, I went back a second time.

Time for the trend presentation and Sarah presented 3 looks. The one that stood out the most to me was the mixing of tights and shoe colours. No longer must they be the same. Sarah showed a navy dress, with navy tights and grey open toe shoes. Not a look I would have thought of but I liked it. I did pay close attention to any outfits accessorized with grey shoes since I just bought a pair and am looking for ideas on what to wear with them. My mind races with the possibilities. The ever popular skinny jeans and military looks were also addressed.

Fashion trend presentation. Notice the shoes.

Next up some looks from brands featured in the White Space. My most favourite was the dress featured from the Adam collection. It happened to be standing next to another fav dress that I loved worn by Sarah herself. I have to admit at times I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying because I was having serious pangs on envy watching her wear that beloved dress which was a herringbone pattern if I remember correctly. Anyway, focus Christina. After the show was over, we continued to look around. I had a chance to check out the Moon line. This is The Bay’s fashionable affordable line and I have to say there were quite a few things that I liked. I’m on the hunt for a sweater dress and saw some that I need to go back and try on. Other items we liked were the winter coats, and the sweaters, like I need another sweater, but I’m just telling you what I liked.

My two favourite dresses side by side.

We dipped into dessert, got our gift bags and moseyed on outta there. I’m glad I attended the event. I wouldn’t normally think of going to The Bay for apparel. After seeing what they had at the White Space, I definitely will have it in mind for future purchases.

Thank you to The Bay Yorkdale, Fashion Magazine, and Maria.

By: Christina Wallaert

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