Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not A Shopaholic Wish List

While I wait out this current period of unemployment, I dream of what I will buy when my employment status changes to that of the working people. The things that I dream of are somewhat motivating, a reward to me for having endured this unfortunate set of circumstances. It is what gets me through the day sometimes. I dream not only of purchasing these items but also shopping for them. For me it’s the thrill of the hunt I look forward to almost as much as acquiring these items. The list was beginning to become quite substantial so I thought I would write them down. I also believe putting things in writing makes them happen. I call it my “wish list” because that is what it is right now. I have every intention of making the list a reality.

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress - Is there any woman who doesn’t want a wrap dress from the Queen of wrap dresses, Diane Von Furstenberg? I have dreamed for years of owning one. Now I will! I swear it will be one of the first things I buy when I get off of unemployment. Not only are wrap dresses a great style and one which I love, for me this dress also represents a status. I am a confident, successful, working woman and therefore should have one of these dresses, a perfect wardrobe staple, hanging in my closet. Plus I think it will make me feel like a million bucks!

2. Smythe blazer - This is something that has been on my mind recently. I have read a lot about Smythe and have seen their blazers in many magazines. The time has come for me to invest in a really good blazer and what could be better than one from this Canadian company? I love the range of colours and styles. If you’re looking for something beyond your standard blazer, you’ll find it at Smythe. For someone in my income bracket, the prices are a bit steep but definitely worth the investment. A piece like this I know I’ll be wearing for years to come. With more styles coming to Holt Renfrew in the spring, let’s hope I’m a working girl and can take one of those blazers off their hands.

3. Art from Celeste Brunel - I came across Celeste Brunel through one of my vendors at my last job. After looking at her website I knew exactly which pieces I wanted. A set of three sunsets/landscapes would be perfect. They match my living room colours and they are also very calming. Just what I want to look at after a tough day at the office. I can see myself sitting on my sofa, looking up at this artwork and instantly relaxing. Isn’t that what art work should do?

4. Michael Kors - Watches seem to be getting bigger and better. I am in love with this Michael Kors watch in Rose Gold. It is just stunning. A few of my friends have Michael Kors watches and they look even better in person. I like the Rose Gold colour because it is unique and you don’t see a lot of it. Still a colour that would match with everything and could be considered a classic.

5. Toy Watch: White - One of the downfalls, depending on how you look at it, from managing a Fashion Accessory category is it gives you a lot of ideas. I fell in love with white watches last year and really wanted one for the summer. I didn’t get one and now I want this white and silver one from Toy Watch. They were a vendor of mine when I managed the category. The VP was so nice it made me want to buy one even more! Even hearing the story behind the brand and its rise to fame in Canada made me respect this company and I would happily hand over some money to them. Hopefully this will be one purchase that happens sooner rather than later.

6. Mirrors - How tragic is it that I have lived in my condo for almost 5 years and the only mirror I have in the whole place is my bathroom mirror. It’s terrible. Most women are horrified when I tell them I have no full length mirror. Frankly I don’t know how I survived this long without one. I’ll be looking for at least two mirrors; one will definitely be full length. The other I need for my entry way. I’m thinking of an oval shaped mirror with some kind of organization compartment to go with it. I have seen some from Nexxt but still need to look into it. Mirrors are a must this year for sure!

7. Running Shoes - Since being off work I have taken up running. For now only on the treadmill at my gym. Hopefully by the time it is nice outside, I will have worked my way up to a decent time, maybe 20-30 minutes and will take my runs outdoors. This means investing in good running shoes. I need to make sure shin splints and other injuries stay away. I’m not aiming to do a marathon but if I can do a 5K run for charity at the end of the summer, I will have attained my goal. If you know of a good brand of running shoes or a store, please let me know.

8. Home Internet - The time has come to finally get my own internet connection. This is another one I can’t believe I went this long without. This I held off on as an expense control measure. If I needed to do something I used our business centre. I’m getting tired of that though and now that I have my own laptop I want my own internet. I’ve already done research on it and am pretty sure which provider I am going to go with. It will be a great day when this happens. Not the most glamorous thing on this list but it is a necessity.

9. New Car - This is one of the longer term goals. I love my 13 year old Honda Civic. It is the first car I ever bought and I plan on driving that thing into the ground. Everyone tells me since it is a Honda, I can make that happen. I do know in the next year or two, I will have to buy a new (used) car. That means I have to start saving for it now. I’m pretty determined to go with a Hybrid for obvious reasons and need to do some research. Hopefully by the time I am ready to buy there will be more models in the compact SUV category that are Hybrid. I'm leaning towards a Honda CRV or Ford Escape Hybrid.

10. Charitable Donations - With all the natural disasters happening in the world right now, it really bothers me that I can’t help by making a financial contribution. I promise as soon as I am working, have paid off my debt, and am on solid financial ground I will make a contribution to one of the many great charities helping out in Japan, Haiti or anywhere else around the world. Time is also of value so if you are able to volunteer to help out, please do so.


Janice said...

I found your blog through twitter & must say, I am a fan already! I just checked out the same Michael Kors watch last week - the hard part is deciding on which colour if I do end up getting it...

Not A Shopaholic said...

Thanks for reading Janice. So happy you found my blog through Twitter. I know what you mean about deciding on a watch colour. There are so many! I love the Rose Gold because it isn't something you see a lot of.
Let me know what you end up with!


elle pea said...

That Kors watch is gorgeous! I've always had a soft spot for rose gold, but never bought anything that colour yet.