Friday, December 6, 2013

Help glamjulz Grant Wishes This Year

The lovely people at glamjulz are doing a wonderful thing to help out a family in need. Please read the below message and help if you can. Earrings can be purchased here. Cost is $35
The 2013 Limited Edition glamjulz Swarovski Crystal "3 Little Wishes" Star Earrings:

The direct route, the fastest route, the easiest route, the scenic route...

When you're on a road trip, there are always different roads that can take you to the same destination....

You find some of these roads freshly paved. The sun is shining, the air is fresh and you can see for miles in any given direction, and sometimes your route can be uncertain, bumpy and dark, and the curves in the road don't allow you to see what's coming around the corner.

Life can be the same way...

We may not know what road we're on, and sometimes we might not even be on the road we think we are.

Grow up, get a job, fall in love, get married, have children...

For each person, these things can come at different times. Some people say that they come when and how they are supposed to. Sometimes they come easy or in a different order, some not at all, sometimes it's by choice and unfortunately sometimes not, like a pothole or a washed out bridge on that road.

Lana and Mark (not their real names) were your average, young married couple. They were happy, and life was good, they owned their own business and business was good, and just like many other young happily married couples, they wanted to start a family.

Everything looked like it was falling into place and moving along perfectly, until five and a half months into the pregnancy, there was a complication. The unborn baby was found to have a rare, life threatening congenital heart defect, and the doctors at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital came to the conclusion that the baby would not survive the pregnancy.

That Christmas, Lana and Mark had to make the heart breaking decision to terminate the pregnancy of their first baby boy.

Over the next 3 months the couple found it hard to move forward and their business remained closed.

Sometime later after reopening the business and trying to get on with their lives, they found themselves encountering hurdle after hurdle with their business. Between zoning issues, a recession, "big box store" competition, and a 60% plummet in sales, it felt like everything was piling up on top of them... but they were going to do whatever it took to make it work, AND over the next few years the family was beginning to grow.

In 2009 Lana gave birth to a Daughter, and then a son in 2011.

All the hard work looked like it was paying off, and even with the stress and legal issues of running their own small business, they now had the family that they always wanted. Things could only keep getting better... right?

But then Lana was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Not only does this affect the family emotionally and physically, but also financially.

The couple have had to take their daughter out of Junior Kindergarten in order to minimize the risk of infection to Lana while she undergoes chemotherapy, a left breast mastectomy, removal of affected lymph nodes, and radiation. Mark now looks after both children, while trying to hold the business together and standing beside his wife for every frightening mile, on this dark, uncertain road.

As you know, each year around Christmas, glamjulz creates a special limited edition piece of jewelry to raise money for our "3 Little Wishes Fund", and each year we find that our friends and fans (that's you) continue to go above and beyond in order to help out.

This year, we hope that you can help Lana, Mark and their family buy purchasing our 2013 Limited Edition glamjulz Swarovski Crystal "3 LITTLE WISHES" Star Earrings, and that you keep this family in your thoughts and cherish every single day you have with the people that you love.

Thank you for your continued support.
Monica and Wayne

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