Thursday, March 20, 2014

Everyone Needs Some Frye in Life

I remember the first time I ever saw Frye boots. I was in a store on Queen St W in Toronto and out of their massive assortment of boots a pair from Frye caught my eye. I'm not sure what made them stand out, maybe the outstanding quality was evident or the classic style which always stays trendy and appeals to my style hit home. When I turned the boot over and saw the price I quickly put them back and thought I could never pay that much for boots. At that time I had never heard of the brand.
Fast forward a few years later, I now own 3 pairs of those boots. I made the plunge and bought 2 pairs in 2012 and another pair the following year and now I have an obsession. Pretty sure ballet flats from Frye will be in my future. 
When I researched Frye I realized why they cost more than other boots. I also realized if I bought these boots I would likely have them for many years. Some people on twitter told me they were going into their 4th or 5th year with their Fryes and still going strong. 
I started off with the Paige Tall Riding Boot. I liked the style, it was classic, yet trendy and I felt like I would get a lot of wear out if them which helped justify the price to me. Originally I wanted black and when the store didn't have my size I tried Grey which I ended up getting and now get compliments on non stop.

My very own Frye Paige Tall Riding Boot
The second pair I got was Melissa Back Button in brown. I desperately needed brown boots so it made sense to get them in Frye. Surprisingly I wore them just as much as the grey pair. 
Off the bat the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were. I wore them to some events I went too where I was on my feet walking for 3-4 hours and my feet felt like they were in slippers. I had no pain in my feet or knees which was unusual. In my non Frye boots, that was always a problem.
Melissa Button Back Boot, tried to get the buttons in the photo

The history of The Frye Company goes back to 1863 USA. It is really an incredible story and deserves to be read in full, in much more detail than I could provide for you here. Please visit the Heritage section of their website to read the history. You will understand, as I did what goes into every piece of footwear and why they cost what they do.
I love Frye so much I had to create a Pinterest board to keep track of all the styles I liked. you can see it here.
I would love to hear your Frye story if you have one!

Sold at fine retailers everywhere and The Frye Company website will now ship online orders to Canada.

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