Monday, July 21, 2014

Yoga Jeans Get Better With Colour

If you have been reading here for some time, or follow me on twitter, or look at my Notashopaholic Facebook group page you will know how big of a fan I am of Yoga Jeans from Second Denim Co. Since writing my first post about them a few years ago, I have continued to buy their denim and they are practically the only jeans I wear now. When I see someone on Twitter who has discovered the brand and bought their first pair of jeans say "they are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn" I nod to myself and say I knew they would be.
As fanfare and popularity of Yoga Jeans grows I thought I would check back in with them to see how the line has progressed and what they were offering for Summer 2014. This collection is centered around the Boyfriend jean, trouser style denim, playful strips, fresh colours and a much anticipated jean jacket.
The Spring/Summer 2014 colour palette includes 15 colours! The collections are as follows:

Sugar Spring - available in Mid Rise Skinny, High Rise Skinny, High Rise Straight & High Rise Ankle
Colours: Slate, Cherry Blossom, Key Lime, Crimson, Azure

Faded Tones - available in Mid Rise Skinny, High Rise Straight & High Rise Ankle
Colours: Lake, Oatmeal, Aruba, Vintage Rose, White

Summer Dream - Mid Rise Skinny, High Rise Straight and High Rise Ankle
Colours: Papaya, Dessert, Mirror, Lemonade, Mermaid

With so many more colours and styles to choose from I'm sure there is one just perfect for you (and me) for this summer. Considering its only mid July there is still plenty of time to wear coloured denim.
If you are already a devoted fan of Yoga Jeans leave a comment to tell us why you love. There still may be some who need convicing to give these a try (hard to believe I know but possible) I would love to hear your thoughts on the brand.

About Second Denim
Founded in 2000, Second Denim Co. is a premium Canadian denim brand. Founder, Eric Wanza, introduced "comfort" to today's world of denim by fusing perfect fit, diagonal stretch and sexiness into one pair of jeans, creating what is now know as every retailers coveted secret: Yoga Jeans. Embracing the body's natural movements, Yoga Jeans are designed to leave every woman feeling sexy, confident and comfortable. Today, Second's international success is taking over the world of denim one pair at a time, generating a loyal fan base of Yoga Jeans enthusiasts.

Twitter: @yogajeans
Facebook: Yoga Jeans

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