Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unique Shopping Options this Holiday Season

I feel like I've been hearing about Black Friday for a month and now that it's approaching I'm wondering when this became a thing in canada.
There are some other really cool events happening, where you can also shop, not for deals but for unique and interesting things you likely won't see anywhere else, let alone a mall

What I can do is highlight a few events where you will be able to shop for non mall product, buy something made in Canada or even your neighbourhood and support local businesses. What better time than the Holidays to do those?

I've heard a lot of advertising for this event which makes me happy. I hope it is reaching others like me who have not previously known about this event. Sponsored by Yellow Pages, Shop The Neighbourhood, lists deals available from various local businesses valid on November 29th to entice people to come and check out their wares and hopefully turn them in to regular customers. A list of businesses and deals for Toronto and other cities are available online at this link.

Starting Friday November 28th, Distillery District kicks off its annual Christmas Market with a tree lighting ceremony at 6pm. Always a local favourite, beautiful on a normal day, at Christmas with all the lights and festive atmosphere it's that much more stunning and sure to put you in a holiday happy mood. Various vendors set up outside and regular Distillery business are also open to shop/walk through. Different events take place though out the duration of the Market. A full schedule is available online under the Events section on the Distillery website. 

Their biggest show of the year and celebrating over 30 years, the One of a Kind Christmas is a must stop shop for anyone. Different artisans selling and making anything from food, clothing, art, accessories and toys, everything is made by the artisans and for some the show is their store. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've bought from the show and how many comments I've had from people on my various purchases. As often as I've been, I always find new artisans to love. My list of books I must check out continues to grow. I've listed a few of my favourites in a previous post from last year and prior to that. It's a show that never gets old and will amaze you in terms of the talent people have and what their creative minds dream up to design and make. 

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