Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Buying Your New Eyes Online

A recent change in my eye prescription sent me off to the mall to get quotes for new eye glasses. Because I switch back and forth between glasses and contacts, I wasn't looking for anything fancy or expensive in my glasses. I have to say the prices I was quoted for bare bones glasses-cheap frames and none of the coatings-was shocking. The average price I was given was $300, which is the total my benefits covers. This means I would have been footing the bill for all of my contacts for the next two years.

To get a better price, I took my search to the internet and stumbled upon Clearly and their trial pack glasses. I have to say that eyeglasses falls into the category of "Things I Never Thought I Would Buy Online", but this was pure desperation. I actually started looking at the site for contacts and then checked out their glasses section. What I found there has saved me hundreds of dollars.

Clearly offers a trial pack of glasses frames. Certain styles of frames are eligible for this program. You can select up to 4 frames to be shipped to you to try on at home. I ordered my frames on Wednesday and had them the next day. This is impressive considering I live in Toronto and they were shipped from BC. Clearly Contacts covers the cost of shipping the trial pack to you and the return back to them. My four frames were in the box as well as an order form and a return label.

I selected the frames I wanted, marked them on the order form, put a copy of my prescription in the box and dropped them in a mail box to be returned to BC. Less than two weeks later, my new glasses were sent to me. The total cost, around $100. This included the frames, lenses, anti scratching coating and anti reflective coating. A bargain any way you look at it.

Orders over $99 are free shipping. You pay for your order within 15 days of receiving the product. A number of different ways to pay give the customer a lot of options and add to the ease of the process.

Their prices for contacts are pretty good with volume discounts for purchasing multiple packs and an auto refill option if your one of those people who forget how long you have been wearing your contacts. We are all guilty of this.

I have forwarded this website to several friends and co workers. Who doesn't need to save a bit of money these days? Its nice to know we have options. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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