Monday, July 28, 2008

Lollicakes for Your Life

In July I threw a joint birthday party for my two closest girlfriends, Chiquitas 1 & 2. I had been planning it for months between the gifts, cards, birthday cake, and the dinner. As an alternative to the tradional birthday cake, I decided to go the Lollicakes route for something different, fun and unique.

I first saw Lollicakes at a Toronto Home show back in February 08. I thought it was really cool but at the time didn't think I had a need for it, until I started throwing this party together. It became obvious Lollicakes would make the perfect birthday cupcakes. They do custom orders and could probably accommodate almost anything you want. I had a small order so I did the walk in thing and designed my own right on the spot. Now, I like to think that I am creative and decisive, but I have never had to look at 50 different jars of sprinkles, 6 colours of frosting and design my own cupcakes. Then pick out a painted chocolate lollipop to add a fun look. They were certainly memorable birthday treats. And the girls just loved them, like I knew they would. The reaction of women in their 30's and those of small children to cupcakes with lots of frosting and sprinkles are pretty similar.

Their website has great images and the store also has a binder of pictures that you can look through for some ideas. Anyway, I finally made up my mind and the the finished product is in the image included. I'm pretty sure it was their best birthday ever. My only problem is how I'm going to top it for next year. I wonder if Lollicakes will make me some double decker cupcakes for next year? Maybe after reading this they will!

Lollicakes are peanut free and certified kosher. Lactose free, wheat free and other dietary requirements can be accommodated. Just give them a call and speak with them directly. Everyone needs some Lollicakes in their lives.

559 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Toronto, ON
ph: 416-482-2253

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