Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Glam-o-rize Yourself

Here's a tiny confession from a non shopaholic: this year was the first time I've ever attended the One of a Kind Show. Shock, horror, and dismay; this accurately describes some of the reactions I got from my friends when I shared this tidbit of news. If ever there was such a perfect event for me to attend, it was the One of a Kind show. Glam Julz is one of several great finds from that show. I have continued to shop from here since the show and Monica and Karen are delightful to work with.
With jewellery in mind, the One of a Kind show did not disappoint. I picked up my now favourite necklace of all time from Glamjulz. A small company from Burlington, ON., run by Monica Graves and her staff, Glam has the most beautiful baubles and gems any girl would love to have. And so affordable! A variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets graced the counters at Glamjulz. It was quite difficult to make up my mind. My first purchase was the blue, white and granite strand necklace. It devastated the Glam girls to have to give it up, but I promised them I would give it a good home and I think they would agree that I have. It really is the necklace that goes with everything. And the amount of compliments I get! Every time I wear a Glam piece, I always have someone commenting on it. Goes to show you the uniqueness and beauty of their pieces.

At a later date, I visited the Glam studios to see if they could make a necklace to match a dress I was going to wear to a friends wedding. Sure enough, after much consultation, the circle necklace with stones was created with the matching earrings. Several other items were purchased and I wear them all the time. Every piece elicits compliments from complete strangers. Just the other week, a Country Style employee offered to trade me a cup of coffee for my Glamjulz necklace. As much as I love Country Style coffee, nothing could make me part with my julz.

You can view the vast Glam assortment in their online catalogue. A comprehensive lists of stores that sell Glam can also be found on the website. I promise, you'll never be the same. Go ahead girls, Glam-o-rize yourselves!

Burlington, ON
Monica Graves-Designer
ph: 905-467-7904

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